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Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Site Plans is a cloud storage solution for your plans. The following terms and conditions apply to all users of the website, app and service. This includes both admin users with accounts and any guest users that are allowed access to your documents through the sharing options. If you do not agree with any of the terms below you should stop using the service immediately. If you breach any of the terms below your account may be suspended or ultimately deleted, along with all files/documents stored on there.

Site Plans for iPhone and iPad (iOS) allows admin users to draw measurements to PDF plan files. These measurements are calculated based on the reference measurement. This means that measurements are only as accurate as the original reference line and entered reference measurement in millimetres or inches. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON THESE MEASUREMENTS FOR CRUCIAL DECISIONS, INSTALLATIONS, REMOVALS, PLACEMENTS OR RELATED. Measurements are placed and calculated based on a grid percentage system. This means placement and measurement length values may vary across devices, particularly those with lower screen resolutions.

Admin users are required to sign up for an account which requires an email address, company name, secure password and company logo. This account allows the administrator to create, edit, hide and delete sites and plans. They can also generate guest links to invite other users to view their company, site or plan without the guest having to log in.
Only one admin user is required per company to manage data. Any data created including creating sites, uploading plans, measurements on plans and uploading files can be managed and deleted at any time by the admin user within the Site Plans app for iOS or web. Guest users should NOT sign in using the admin login details. You are responsible for creating a secure password and keeping it safe by not allowing anybody else to access it. Anybody with access to the administrator details will have full control over the company data including deleting it.

Site Plans is designed for easy sharing and access and should NOT be the single storage location for your plans. You must keep a backup of your plans elsewhere.

All accounts are provided with a 21 day free trial with full access on iOS and Web on Tier 1. This allows administrators to upload a maximum of 200 plans. The admin user will be required to upgrade to a paid plan when they upload more plans than their current tier allows or when their subscription or trial ends. All guest links will also become inaccessible if the company subscription has expired.
You can free up space in your tier to upload more plans by deleting old plans.

You should NOT store any sensitive data or plans in Site Plans due to the guest access feature.

The features and access of the Site Plans website, iOS Apps and other services, terms and conditions and privacy policy may be updated or changed at any time.

For any questions about Site Plans data, the iOS or web app or any support requests, please use the contact button below or email