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We offer a range of pricing tiers to suit your needs. Pricing is based on the number of plaans that you will upload and store.
You can delete plans to make space to upload more plans

You can also hide plans once a project is complete to clean up the projects page. Hidden plans do still count towards your tier's plan allowance.
Please contact us if you have any more questions on pricing and storage allowances.

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All tiers are shown at a monthly price but charged at the price of 1 year (12 Months) up front. If you exceed your plan storage allowance you will be asked to purchase a higher tier on the attempted upload of that plan.
Pricing in the Site Plans app for iPhone and iPad may be approximatly 30% higher than the pricing quoted above, due to the commission that Apple take on In-App Purchases.
Pricing may decrease or increase at any time but you will not be charged any extra or refunded the difference once you have purchased the tier for the length of time shown at the time of purchase (30 days or 365 days).

Site Plans Storage inclues 2GB of free storage. Once you try to upload a file that causes you to excede this limit you will be asked if you would like to upgrade to a higher tier. The prices for the upgrade will be shown at the time of purchase and so will the length of time for the tier's subscription.