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What is Site Plans?

Site Plans is a modern, low cost, simple way to store, access and share your digital plans.
Simply upload and store your plans in the site manager.
Plans can then be shared using the unique share link.
Plans can be viewed on any device without requiring any software download or installation.
Changes made to plans can be re-uploaded and redistributed to site immediately.

No More Paper

No more ordering, printing, delivery or collection costs.
No more lost, damaged or coffee stained paper plans.
No more strong boxes required for plan storage.
Revised plans can be uploaded, avoiding extra printing and distribution costs.
Environmentally friendly.

Unlimited Shared Access

Share plans from the site manager to provide access to an unlimited number of people, as often as you need.

Mobile Friendly

Plans can be managed and viewed on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.
Compatible with iOS, macOS, Android and Windows.

Cloud Based

Available world wide with 24/7 access.
Changes in the site manager are updated instantly for immediate sharing.
Secure administrator login.

Download the App

The Site Plans App for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for free from the App Store.
It allows admin users to sign in, upload, manage and delete thier plans.

It also includes a measurement feature to allow you to add measurements to PDF plans based on a single reference measurement.

Use the built in file storage solution to store your important documents, policies, images and more. This allows you to keep all of your site related files in one organised place. With 2GB of free storage and up to 2 Terabyte of storage available (subscription required).

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